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Dr. Nassif discusses his experiences with Dr. Toriumi ...


I created this website to provide a place for my patients to comment on their treatment in our office. We have many happy patients who would like to comment on their experience with their rhinoplasty.

I have decided to make this website different from my primary website This is because, on my primary website, I discuss my philosophy and show before and after photos of patients who are at least one year postoperative and who have given consent to show their photographs on the internet. I use one year or more as a time-point to show their postoperative results, as early postoperative follow-up is not as reliable of a measure of a patient’s final outcome. In contrast, on this website I will show early outcomes to demonstrate that many of my patients also look good early on in their postoperative course.

When asked, only about 10% of my patients agree to have their full face preoperative and postoperative photos shown on the internet. This significantly limits the number of patient examples that I can use on my primary website. This new website will not be as rigid in the photographic guidelines, as this is primarily a patient testimonial website. My primary website shows a minimum of four views on all patients and uses standardized photographic views. This website will use some limited views and will also use some non-studio photographs to show that the noses can look good with nonprofessional photography. This will allow me to use patients who do not want to have their full face identity revealed on the internet.

The intent of this new website is to allow potential patients to see what experiences my patients have had. This website will require some form of accountability with photographic documentation to bring some degree of objectivity to the comments. In order to ensure that the data contained on this website is reliable and useful to prospective patients, only actual patients are allowed to post testimonials on this website. The contents of the reviews will not be censored, but we verify that they were posted by real patients and not by others posing as such. This will allow prospective patients seeking rhinoplasty to get an idea what they can expect from review of the photographic outcomes. As we all know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some people’s perception of good may not be in alignment with that of others.

I believe this website will allow prospective patients to get a better idea of what my patients really experience after undergoing surgery with me. Obviously, the experiences will vary from patient to patient. I will try to show the entire array of patients’ experiences from a relatively straight forward primary rhinoplasty to a very complex secondary (revision) rhinoplasty. My main intent is to show prospective patients what they can expect after undergoing rhinoplasty using structural grafting techniques.

Dean Toriumi, MD Testimonials
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Dr. Nassif endorses Dr. Toriumi
Dr. Nassif discusses his experiences with Dr. Toriumi
Testimonial #1
A primary rhinoplasty with dorsal hump, nasal obstruction, and bulbous tip.
Testimonial #2
A secondary rhinoplasty with severe alar retraction, hanging columella, and deformed tip.
Testimonial #3
Early post-operative result in primary rhinoplasty with dorsal hump, deviated nose, and bulbous tip.
Testimonial #4
This patient underwent secondary rhinoplasty using rib cartilage to correct a short nose deformity, alar retraction, and crooked nose deformity. Severe internal scarring complicated the reconstruction.
Testimonial #5
This Asian patient was seeking augmentation with elevation of her dorsum and refinement of her nasal tip.
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